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Why need the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle

To promote the healthy and rapid development of Chinese motorcycle industry, strengthen the coordination between industries, encourage enterprises to exercise self-discipline, bring bridge linkage role of intermediary organizations into full play, and provides services for enterprises more effectively. With the concern of the State Council leaders and the strong support of the relevant state ministries and committee, the China Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle, as a pilot of Chinese industrial chambers of commerce reform, was established in November 2006 in Beijing.

What’s the Nature of China Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle
China Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle is a national, self-regulatory, non-profit organization which has independent legal person status. It is engaged in production, trade and services of motorcycles and related products, and was established according to the “People’s Republic of China the Registration and Management of Social Groups” and abiding by principle of equality, voluntaries. It is supervised by the Ministry of Commerce, PRC.
What can China Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle provide for Overseas Businessmen
Foreign buyers can consult relevant laws, regulations and information about the industrial trend, search for cooperation partners with high reputation and strong force, and solves problems by negotiating with Chinese motorcycle enterprises through the platform-China Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle, which is the window to display the image of Chinese motorcycle industry to the world.
The Business Scope of China Chamber of Commerce for Motor cycle
According to relevant national laws and regulations and the stipulation of the State Council’ relevant departments, the China Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle has the following basic functions: providing research and investigation suggestions, guiding self-discipline and information, consultation, international communication, the main tasks can be as below:
1. Investigating and researching the situation of economic operation, enterprise reform, technology progress, capital restructuring and etc. of the motorcycles industry; providing suggestions and services for the government to make development planning, development policy, technology policy, laws and regulations and reform and development direction of the motorcycle industry; carrying out a monitoring study on the implementation of technical and economic policies, trade policies and laws and regulations related to the motorcycle industry to reflect the suggestions and requirements of the motorcycle industry to governmental departments.
2. Collecting, sorting, analyzing and publishing the technological and economic information of the motorcycle industry; tracing and understanding the products’ domestic and overseas market trend and technological progress trend and making market predication and forecast to provide information service for the member units, the whole motorcycle industry, the government and society; doing industrial statistics under the entrust of the government legally.
3. Being responsible for organizing and coordinating the pleading work of motorcycle enterprises’ suffering from overseas anti-dumping, anti-subsiding and investigating the safeguard measures; being responsible for the investigation work of motorcycle industry loss; cooperating with the government to establish industry injury alert system.
4. Entrusted by government departments, the China Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle participates in formulating and amending the national standards, industrial standards and technical specifications of the motorcycle industry; organizes the implementation of the policies and laws of relevant national standardization work, and organizes the publicity and implementation of the various technical standards and provides related suggestions.
5. Stipulating and monitoring the implementation of industrial regulations and treaties to standardize the industrial behaviors and safeguard fair competition.
6. Giving feedback to the government on members’ behalf, coordinating the members’ interests and safeguarding their legal rights and interests.
7. Carrying out various international technological and economic exchanges, communicating with foreign counterpart organizations in motorcycle industry; organizing, coordinating and convening large-scale exhibitions and trade fairs both at home and abroad with the authorization of the government, so as to offer services for enterprises to exploit domestic and overseas markets.
8. Organizing trainings of personnel, technology, vocation, industrial safety protection according to the requirements of member units.
9. Running well the comprehensive periodicals in motorcycle industry and carrying out consultation service.
10. Participating in the evaluation of projects and product certification and the qualification examination in the production and circulation fields.
11. Undertaking other tasks entrusted by the government and offering other services required by member companies.


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